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    Tinubu – A Manifestation of Adedibu

    TINUBU – a manifestation of Adedibu.

    They say he has the magic fingers and possesses every machinery to win elections in Lagos, and some parts of the South West.

    They say he has raised strong politicians, and powerful men.

    He’s the lord of Lagos, and the king himself.

    Nobody dares to challenge him and still survive in Lagos, politically.

    But as far as I can glean, I rather see him as a hugely crude, primitive political merchant whose interests are solely targeted on grabbing power by all means.

    He’s prepared to dine with the devil himself. He understands Nigeria, and knows how to make whatever illicit concessions for power sake.

    Adedibu was exactly like him of today.

    Pa Adedibu made Governor Alao – Akala and many others, including one time Senator Majority Leader, Teslim Folarin, just to sustain the Molete Palace and amala politics.

    Just as the present Lagos grandpa has produced Governors and even Speaker of the National Assembly, solely for himself and his advancements.

    His collabo with the media is second to none.

    He has emasculated all your Nigeria media, and even has a myriad of his herds of online supporters.

    He has bought the judiciary, so much so, that a certain Court of Appeal President refused to proceed to Supreme Court at a time, due to his pact with the strong man.

    He equally has strong grips on law enforcement agencies and their anti-graft wings.

    In fact, his long held collabo with Nuhu Ribadu manifested soon after that one left office as EFCC chief.

    Oga understands Nigeria, and he represents everything that has held us hostage from moving forward.

    Have I told you how Tinubu, who vehemently criticized PDP for several years, but quickly turned 360 degrees to adopt Atiku as his own presidential candidate with his ACN, then?

    How about Obasanjo that he had sternly described with all sorts of abhorrent names, yet went to beg him to be their “navigator” in 2015?

    Tinubu can do anything, and just anything no matter how indecent, and morally reprehensible, for power and personal power.

    He knows how primitive things are here, and has perfectly mastered how to navigate through the nuances.

    There’s absolutely no real and true democratic principles in him.

    Everything is about himself and his household alone.

    You’re only relevant politically, as long as it works for his overall interests- right now, or falls within his future permutations.

    It’s really not about the people of Lagos state nor South West.

    If not, why should distinguished Senator Mamora , one of the finest and most cerebral lawmakers, be abruptly replaced with his mediocre wife?

    Why did Governor Fashola SAN, with all his performance credentials, have to practically beg, negotiate, make some terrible concessions, and virtually prostrate before the overlord of Lagos; before he reluctantly allowed him second tenure?

    It’s all about his ruthless mercantile interests.

    It’s not about an altruistic or the overall interests of the people as he makes everything appear.

    Again, despite his revolutionary infrastructural strides, why did Ambode have to be strangulated, annihilated and humiliated like that?

    Just because he tinkered with his Alpha Beta, and questioned why a single individual had to be scooping out the highest chunk of Lagos money.

    We saw these things.

    This bullion-van man is in disguise, simply another Adedibu of Oyo State, our famous Amala politician, the kingmaker, and owner of Molete Palace.

    There’s absolutely no difference, other than that Tinubu claims to be educated; a claim which is still shredded in unresolved controversies with questionable complications.

    Adebibu had Tokyo, Sule Adu, Latin Elewe Omo, Concord, Ismail Agbaje, Alado and Auxiliary as some of his very dreadful and dangerous foot soldiers in Oyo then.

    While this Adedibu modern day replica in Lagos still enjoys the terrors from MC Oluomo and his extremely violent group in Lagos.

    He’ll do everything to protect MC Oluomo, just because it serves his merchandise interests in politics.

    Even if they plunge his opponents into the lagoon, as has been severally threatened, he’ll never condemn it nor openly deprecate them.

    Adedibu feeds people amala, while this latest one shares his from bullion van.

    And his supporters are prepared to rationalize it by reminding you that; even filling stations use bullion vans to convey money, therefore they see absolutely nothing wrong in their god doing same on the eve of an election.

    All the alerts of Lagos IGR comes right into his phone.

    There was this seemingly hilarious but true joke, that when he’s about to retire at night, he’ll usually say to his hangers on, “abeg make Lagos go sleep.”

    That’s how crude, and primitively individualistic and greedy he is.

    He nurtured, and perpetuated agboros and hoodlums just for his own personal interests during election.

    That’s why his wife openly opposed Electronic Transmission of results on the floor of Senate, so that the status quo of election rigging will remain.

    She knows exactly how they run things and survive politically.

    She knew and still knows, that credible, free and fair election will definitely jeopardize and demystify their tight hold on Lagos and completely retire them politically.

    That’s why as cosmopolitan and developed as Lagos is, that dubious woman, denied that Lagos neither has the network nor internet for transmission.

    Bode Goerge, his albatross, has already said much about his abhorrent selfishness.

    He knew Buhari so well before now, and strongly warned Nigerians against his presidency.

    He once said that a Buhari presidency potents doom, would divide, and eclipse Nigeria.

    Yet, because of his own personal interests of becoming your president, he rebranded the same man in 2015, and sold it to you people, so as to possibly benefit from his support later.

    Till tomorrow, he doesn’t see anything wrong with his decision as long as he’ll probably get his support to advance his own personal interests of ruling Nigeria by fire, by MC Oluomo.

    Highly mercurial character like that.

    Such a heartless and shameless man!

    He claims to possess democratic credentials and was one of the famous disciples of MKO Abiola.

    Yet, he recently ran to IBB, the architect of the destruction of MKO, for his blessings in furtherance of his presidential campaign.

    He’s prepared to enter into pact with the devil himself, so long as it serves his interests.

    Funny people everywhere!

    But the most disturbing is his obvious deftness, embarrassing ignorance, near absence of mind and a lack of touch with realities.

    How do you reconcile a man who recently, openly advised Nigerians to go back and renew their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) with INEC?

    Just how do you explain and rigor out of such embarrassing faux pas?

    Yet some young people are jumping upandan promoting such a huge joke.

    Just imagine his extemporaneous speech on how to secure Nigeria in this video.

    What’s the difference between this man and Pa Adedibu?

    By: Azubuike Ihemeje Esq.

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