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    There Was Unresolved Issues Between Bianca Ojukwu And Ebele Obiano

    It appears that Bianca Ojukwu and Ebele Obiano had some unresolved issues before now.

    Sometime last year, Bianca was pissed with Willie Obiano for removing the picture of late Ojukwu from APGA uniform and their insignia, and replacing it with his picture.
    According to her, it seemed hypocritical for Willie to do so, whilst using Ojukwu’s pictures for AGPA governorship campaign.
    For that reason, she was allegedly a no-show at some of the party’s events that led up to Soludo’s victory.

    I think that was what put a strain on her relationship with the Obianos.
    Maybe she made up with Willie along the line, I can’t say categorically.
    But it does seem like Ebele Obiano had been preserving the beef for this day.

    And so the same Bianca turns up for the inauguration of AGPA’s candidate, Soludo – sitting pretty in the front row as she should.
    No? The former Nigerian ambassador to Spain and Ghana, former MBGN winner, Miss Africa, Miss Intercontinental, and the list goes on. Hello?
    Most of these accolades she achieved when her adversary was probably wrestling her peers in the streets of Awka like she showed us today.

    Okay, I would be pissed too if I spotted my archenemy fanning herself under a VIP canopy with such poise that only Bianca knows how to exude.
    Only a fool would begin to debate the fact that Bianca Ojukwu is a cynosure in stately gatherings in the East.
    Plus the fact that the widow of Ojukwu is still a well-respected APGA party member with so many loyalists on her side.

    Petty Ebele must have been triggered by the sight of her nemesis occupying a prime spot at the ‘APGA’-themed inauguration, after calling out her husband Willie, over his hypocritical use of Ojukwu’s pictures, and avoiding their party’s past events.

    Add that to the frustration of a necessary eviction from Anambra state governor house for nwunye Soludo…
    You’d understand why she made her way to Bianca’s seat to fight while the event was underway, not minding that she was wearing an expensive gele.

    However, there are conflicting reports as to who landed each other the first slap, but we all saw somebody’s mother leave her seat like a high school bully, which resulted in her wig getting snatched off her head.

    And they said this same fighter who’s supposed to have kept a dignifying presence at the inauguration used the B-word recklessly.
    Who knows if the word rolled out of her mouth like ‘mgbeech’ in her native Anambra accent?

    By the way nobody puts their hands on our porcelain beauty, Bianca, the egovin.
    If they can confidently fight the agbomma of Igboland like that, it’s because deep down inside they know they look like a pile of trash and have nothing to lose physically.

    BTV reporting.

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