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    Teco Benson Biography And Movies

    You cannot talk about action movies in Nigeria without Teco Benson.

    He is a Nigerian film director and producer. He was nominated for Best Director at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2006 and 2008, and won Director of the Year at the 2011 Best of Nollywood Awards.

    Teco Benson

    In 2012 he was decorated by President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic.

    He started as an actor in 1994 before going into producing and directing.

    In 2003 he made the first Sierra Leone-made film titled Blood Diamonds.

    The film he Produced or directed include:

    1. Red Hot

    2. Accident

    3. Mission to Nowhere

    4. State of Emergency

    5. Two Brides and a Baby

    6. High Blood Pressure

    7. Explosion

    8. Executive Crime

    9. Broad Daylight

    10. The Price

    11. Wasted Years

    12. End of the Wicked

    13. War Front

    14. Formidable Force

    15. Blood Diamonds

    16. False Alarm

    17. Terror

    18. Six Demons

    19. The Senator

    20. Eye for Eye

    21. Dirty Game

    22. Felony

    23. Day of Reckoning

    24. Day of Atonement

    25. Highway to the Grave

    26. Grace to Grass

    27. Danger Signal

    28. Accidental Discharge

    29. Silence of the Gods

    30. Mfana Ibagha

    31. Iku doro

    32. The Fake Prophet

    33. Elastic Limit

    34. Mr & Mrs, Chapter 2, etc.

    This man produced and directed most action movies we have watched in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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