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    Older Men Cannot Do The Do Without Help?

    Now that the kids are asleep, let’s talk. If you are born again, this post is not for you.

    Why do people, especially young people think that once it is old, it cannot be big, strong and reliable?

    I am one of those women who does not have issues with being with older men. I love them young but not younger than me. I love them older too. As long as you have sense, your old age does not matter. But friends tell me an older man won’t be able to do me if I get married to one. They say I need a man within my age bracket to do the do really well.

    I stumbled upon a post somewhere where this same issue of older men was the topic of the day and a few of the comments suggested the same thing. Older men cannot do the do without the help of drugs.

    But is that really true? I don’t think that is totally true. There are young men who rely on drugs to get the thing up and going. You think I am lying? Go round your herbal medicine sellers and chemists to find out for yourselves. These boys come to buy drugs just to get the stamina to kill someone’s daughter. The same drugs old men buy. Which demograph patronises burantashi the most? I hear it is the young men. Imagine marrying a young man because you think his sexual prowess is top notch only to find out that bros uses drugs( I read somewhere that young men are also buying the blue pill. I wonder why).

    Just as there are young men who do not need drugs, there are also old men who do not need the power of any drug to get it on on the other room. Even if they do, we can make excuses for them. They are old and need some back up. I don’t know what excuses to make for an enhancers dependent young man whose gun should still be well oiled and in good working condition.

    There are women married to old men who do not depend on drugs to make their wives happy. There are others whose husbands rely on the blue pill and other enhancers to take Madam beyond cloud nine straight into sexven. If you ask me, I don’t see anything wrong with that. He’s old and needs some help? Let him get it.

    Just as I am enjoying my bank that my friends refer to as ‘old peoples bank,’ I totally believe that women can enjoy older men in the other room. My experience with my ‘old peoples’ bank has taught me that being big, strong and reliable is not the sole prerogative of the young and savvy. Old men can also be Big, strong and reliable. Whether they depend on the blue pill to be that or not, does it really matter? Like we say in local parlance, ‘all way na way,’ as long as the end result is the same.

    Omo Gbada na you cause my head to overthink this matter o. I was on my own jeje. Until I read your comment on the other post. 😁

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