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    Kanye And Kim Marriage Drama

    But women though…
    They can be petty sometimes.
    And that’s why I’m on Kanye West’s side as regards his ongoing drama with Kim Kardashian.
    Team Ye all the way!

    Remember, after Kim filed for divorce, things seemed amicable between them, particularly from Kim’s side.
    Babe continued to show compassion for Kanye, albeit from a distance.
    The level of maturity she displayed was bigger than her azz and the world praised her for that.

    Kimberly gave this man a beautiful shout out on his birthday and said she loves him for life.

    As if that wasn’t enough, she made a surprise appearance at one of his concerts wearing a Balenciaga wedding dress.
    Everybody thought it was a sign of getting back together, but Kim said mba… We move!

    Along the line she stepped out with that weird-looking guy, Pete Davidson, her new boyfriend, to the chagrin of Kanye.

    Poor dude cried out that he wants his wife back but Kim was like, “oh really? I love you but nna ehn, free me na. That ship has sailed.”

    So Kanye as well got boo’d up around last year’s ending.
    He unveiled his actress and model girlfriend, Julia Fox.
    Trust Kanye to turn the girls he dates into a walking mannequin.
    New babe said he even filled an entire hotel suite with clothes for her.
    They were going everywhere in coordinated couture outfits, flying in private jets, attending elite fashion shows in style.

    Then all of a sudden, Kim blocks all access to his kids.
    She didn’t allow him to see their daughter, Chicago on her birthday last month as she refused to give him the location.
    She also didn’t allow him to bring their kids to a basketball game.
    She’s suddenly making him look like a crazy, unfit parent.

    Kim’s dramatic change of behaviour began as soon as Julia came into the picture.
    Now you’d wonder, isn’t she supposed to have moved on with Pete Davidson? Yes…
    But no.

    The fact that Kanye is seriously giving this Julia girl a lifestyle she would’ve otherwise never had is hurting Kim, I believe.
    Even though Kim is used to the jet-set lifestyle, I feel she’s like, who’s this newcomer that’s becoming a media sensation because of Kanye?
    It wasn’t that long ago this woman met her ex and they’re already hanging out in Madonna’s house? Ha!
    Most women would feel salty about the other woman in a similar situation.

    And so Kim is using their kids as a tool to get back at Kanye just like a true scorned woman. Because, Julia Fox.

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