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    I Miss Shontelle

    Remember Shontelle?
    Impossible… T-shirt… Say Hello to Goodbye… Remember?

    If you recall, some months ago I talked about her long disappearance from the music scene – and how she was on the cusp of being a bigger star.
    It appears many label changes, not giving fans enough materials, little or no sightings in almost a decade has made her a throwback artiste?

    Well, recently I checked Shontelle out on IG.
    Once in a while I try to see what some of the 2000s stars are doing.
    I think Shontelle is back to business.
    She’s been promoting a new single. ‘Be the one’. A modern upbeat song, away from her r&b style.
    Obviously, her attempt to fit into today’s over-saturated music.

    The problem, however, is that Shontelle has taken the form of a struggling artiste.
    She’s still a fcking gorgeous lady after all these years, I swear I was in awe.

    But when you have people in your IG comments making nostalgic references to a 12-years-old song like ‘Impossible’ in 2022…
    International artiste with 33k followers…
    When most comment sections are waiting to be filled…
    When you ❤ my comment right after I sent it…

    Clearly, these are telltale signs of a has-been music star.

    Yes, I wrote “I’ve been waiting on you” under a post; in a blink of an eye my notification read: ‘Shontelle liked your comment’.
    I felt a little honoured though.

    Jokes apart, I wish Shontelle had stayed active on the entertainment scene. I like her songs till date.
    Perhaps she’d been working underground as a songwriter (She co-wrote Rihanna’s Man Down).
    But then, visibility matters.

    Unfortunately, she was barely seen nor heard.
    A Google search for latest updates on her would produce results like ‘what happened to Shontelle’ in return to your questions about her whereabouts.

    Last year, she stated in an IG post that she was a victim of industry politics. There are so many artists who suffered the same fate but maintained visibility.

    Keeping an air of mystery with just two yesteryear albums under her belt seems like a mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

    It appears she knows that the tide is high, and things may never be the same again.
    Probably why she has ‘Grammy nominated singer/songwriter’ on her IG bio. Just so you know she was once that b*tch.

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