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    How To Identify A Ponzi By Mike Ikem Umealo

    A business is not a Ponzi scheme because you don’t like the owners or their Influencers or ambassadors.

    A business is a Ponzi scheme when it features the very ingredients that identify Ponzi Schemes all over the world

    At the core of a Ponzi scheme is an “unsecured” or baseless Promise for large profit at little to no risk.

    What this means is that, in other to identify a Ponzi scheme one must critically assess the basis of what is on offer by asking questions.

    While more than 90 percent investors in Ponzi schemes know to some extent that they are dealing with a “money doubling venture,” research has shown that they all hope to be timely with making gains and hope to have the luck to withdraw before a crash.

    Below are the three main features of a Ponzi Scheme that one must address before handing over their money to anyone.

    1) Fixed Returns?

    This is when a company promises to provide a consistent set return on the capital (investments) regardless of what happens at the market.

    2) Secrecy?

    This is when a company does not provide and it’s not willing to (upon demand) provide complete information explaining how they generate the high rate of return they pay to investors.

    3) Unregistered Platform?

    If the company is not registered with the regulatory bodies responsible for securities and commodity market. It means they want to avoid oversight into their affairs.

    Ponzi schemes tend to pay to buy public sympathy by investing in charity work and donating to communities and individuals.

    Once you see a business person who runs a business that involves taking money from the public and then giving some of those money back to another section of the public without officially declaring his company’s profits, know that it is part of your capital that is being wasted. That’s the time to start asking for your money if you have already fallen “mugu” and paid.

    If their investment schemes look like “open ended” search for investors, it is most certainly a Ponzi Scheme because, it is this very practice that allows them to take from Peter to Pay Paul and wait for new investors to pay before they can pay Peter. When new investors stop coming, the business will crash.

    Ponzi schemes tend to employ unlicensed workers to work in the field of business where they are not qualified to work. It is a practice that helps the founders of Ponzi schemes to keep their best secrets even from their best, but unqualified employees or agents. A qualified licenced worker is unlikely to risk their licence working for a company that is unlicensed.

    If you don’t get your answers and if your concerns are not addressed, look at these three issues once again and read the last line here: “keep your money in the bank or give me 10 percent Fornication Allowance to help you maintain a good brain erection until you get sense.”

    May monkey never dash you banana!

    God bless.

    Mike Ikem Umealo

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