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    How Chinmark Group Investors Can Get Their Money Back From The Failed Investment Company

    I think at this point, the most important conversation on the Chinmark Group is how to get the owner, Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah to pay thousands of people who gave him their money in trust.

    Is it a class action suit, a formal petition to the authorities, anything at all. Are there lawyers willing to help advice and guide the investors?

    This, in my view, is the most important step right about now because the truth is, even if Chinmark is given 600 years, HE CANNOT PAY willingly. Forget those fake payment receipts some people are peddling. Even the so called assets no reach anywhere.

    One hotel located at the OUTSKIRT of Enugwu, a restaurant in Dubai and a few logistics equipment. How many people can these assets pay??

    I strongly believe Chinmark is hiding some funds somewhere. He needs to be legally F0RCED to come clean because you can’t tell me that the few stuff above na where all the billionS enter.

    Dear Chinmark investors, if your target is just to catch cruise, please continue with your Facebook dragging but if your aim is to get back your money, now is the time you put heads together amongst yourselves to fashion out legal means of getting your money. If you only focus on Facebook dragging, ordinary people who don’t have any money with Chinmark will just catch their cruise in peace but at the end, your money you won’t see. If Chinmark is lucky, one notable woman will rain another round of slap on another fuulish ex governor’s wife and the Nigerian Facebook community will divert all their attention to the slap. Go beyond mere dragging and take real action. Occupy his Enugwu office if you don’t know what else to do. When the authorities see huge crowd capable of causing a break down of law and order, they will intervene.

    But I must say that there is something fundamentally wrong with the bra!n of any human being who would give another person his/her money in the name of investment only to keep quiet when the so called business man is busy squandering the money in flying private jets, buying luxurious cars and riding in long convoy, issuing open cheque to all and sundry, spraying dollars here and there and giving random girls 500k for splashing water on them. And he is publishing all of these things for you to see, not that he was doing them in secret. Ironically, the same investors who are now crying were the ones tapping from non-existent grace when he was sharing photos of the above drug baron-like lifestyle on his wall.

    Even Dembe, my neighbor’s g0at knew the Chinmark thing was not sustainable. It was never a business to start with. And most of those who invested with him knew or OUGHT to have known that their monies were not safe
    Anyone who claims not to know this is either lying to him/herself or the person was b0rn dumb. Or perhaps, other intestinal considerations were at play..

    That man is the most financ!ally irrespons!ble human on the Nigerian social media space. If he wasn’t a determined crook, the amount of money he got from the public was more than enough to build a lasting business that would be the talk of the town. But no, impressing social media people with audio grace was more important to him.

    Chinmark spent more time creating an illusion that giving him your money is all you needed to attain some nonsense grace and far less time talking about the business or service that is yielding the fixed ROI he’s promising. This should have been an obvious red signal. I mean, you can’t tell me that a hotel in the remote part of Enugwu and some restaurant in Dubai have suddenly become a money spilling machine.

    By the way, when you build a capital intensive project like a hotel, it will take you nothing less than 2 years or more to recoup your capital before talking of making any profit. So when he was paying ROI even before the hotel and restaurant idea was conceived and immediately they were built, where did you all think he was paying you ROI from if not from new investors?? No be pyramid scheme be that?

    See eh, there can be no war against Ponzi if we don’t first fight the most important war which is the war against GREED-INDUCED DELIBERATE IGNORANCE.

    Some of these things na our greed dey cause am. You know that a particular so called business is not sustainable as the so called business man is not selling any real product or service that commensurate with the outrageous fixed ROI he is paying you but because you are aiming to cash out before it crash, you rush carry your money give them.

    He was giving you a fixed ROI because he wasn’t really trading in any product or service and therefore, had no business with market forces. Any smart person would smell a rat here.

    He was taking money from the public without a limit. Again, any smart person would know that crowdfunding any genuine business must have a point where you stop taking money from the public. Unless of course, you are running a pyramid scheme.

    He was living an excessively flamboyant lifestyle. On top money wey no be im own. Shouldn’t this tell any reasonable person that there is fire on the mountain? Even Dangote cannot live that kind of lifestyle without running into troubles.

    In summary, those who have money with Chinmark should gather themselves together and think of taking legal actions. Facebook dragging only affect people with shame. Anyone who could pull off what Chinmark pulled off cannot be said to have shame.

    In the end, we need to learn some lesson from this, if not, all those dragging will be a waste.

    By the way, the least I expect from the influencers are soothing words to their friends and followers who they convinced to invest in Chinmark. Having large followers places a duty on you never to take your followers for granted. Yes, it can be argued you didn’t see the crash coming but now that it has happened, you have a duty to help those people who trusted you in recovering their money. This is what every Chinmark influencer owe both God and man.

    By Charles Ogbu

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