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    DSS Security Advisory

    A couple of days ago, my phone rang at about noon and I could hear my sister-in-law’s voice raised in the background.

    She sounded agitated and I immediately began to panic and hyperventilate. She took the phone almost immediately and it turns out her daughter Lorelei, was playing with the phone and she was yelling out from where she was for her not to waste her credit or call anyone o.

    I just smiled and joked a bit with her then she went off phone.

    It took me a whole lot of minutes to calm my rapidly galloping heart rate. I laid down for a minute and wiped away the tears that had dropped down my face when she picked and laughed and said it was Lorelei always making calls with her phone.

    They were tears of relief, but guys believe it or not, the panic is real.

    Everytime I hear people talk of how we have β€œescaped” Nigeria, I laugh wryly. Escape how?

    Sometimes I am sitting with my friend and some crazy news has just come out of Nigeria and we just spend time making phone calls and sending text messages and chatting just to ensure our family and friends back home are okay.

    Escape how, please?

    The mere fact that you have family and friends back home is all the cords you need to keep you perpetually on your toes and invested in the rising deterioration of the security situation in Nigeria.

    There is no escape, people. If you think I lie, chat up your nearest jakpaed friend and ask them how well they sleep at night with all of the stories coming out of Nigeria. Ask then if they are now relaxed and comfortable since at least only them out of their entire family has managed to leave.

    I’ll wait for your response.

    The worst part, is this fear and insecurity in Abuja. The FCT. This is meant to be the most secured part of that country. Abuja is meant to be impregnable. Impenetrable.

    Yet here we are.

    The shame of a country.

    A country with little to no intelligence on an impending threat to its sovereignty; is a country that should hide its head in shame anywhere sovereignty is being mentioned.

    A country advising its own citizens to protect themselves from a threat because they are powerless to do anything about it.

    And you know what? This present APC government promised us that insurgency and terrorism would be a thing of the past if they were voted into power.

    They claimed we could not sleep with both eyes shut because it was Jonathan in power. They claimed if insurgency continued for more than 24 hours, the government in power had a hand in it.

    It’s been 8 years now.

    8 long years.

    If you were ever deceived into thinking a certain ethnireligious representation in the presidency would bring an end to terrorism in Nigeria, where we are today is proof that it will not.

    Day by day the security situation in Nigeria is going from bad to worse to worst.

    When will this end?

    As those of you still resident in Nigeria prepare to go to the polls next year, please keep this in mind.

    APC is TERRIBLE for Nigeria.

    APC has no plans for Nigeria.

    APC has ruined Nigeria.

    APC must never be allowed to continue to ruin our country.

    Vote them out.

    Vote APC out.

    Whatever else you do, remember APC told you the power was in your hands – in your PVCs – in 2015?

    Please test that assertion now.

    Send them back to the geriatrics homes where they truly belong, Nigeria is not running a retirement home for tired politicians in the presidency.

    The candidate for the APC has no plans – not even to keep your children well fed.

    If a man can not even feed his home, is it security you will trust him to be able to provide?

    Please people, I pray that we survive as a country everyday. I pray that there are no mechant plans to destabilize Nigeria in order to prevent an election and a prompt despatch of the APC into political oblivion where they rightfully belong.

    The power, is in YOUR hands.

    No sleep, no sleep… wake UP!

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