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    Chinmark Group Failed To Pay Investors On The 19th Of March As He Promised

    Okay, I listened to you all o but Biko I still want to know:

    Is the 19th here already? Or should we wait for another?

    See ehn, much as I hoped and prayed that Chinmark would at the most be able to pay off most of his victims, we are sadly at the point where you all have to come face to face with his reality.

    I remember asking a couple of months ago, how many shawarmas you all think he can sell to meet these bumper ROIs he was promising, all to no avail. How many plates of jollof do you all think the restaurant can sell in order to pay ROI of whatever percent on N50m?

    Brethren, I am here to tell you all that a new day had dawned.

    Today is the 20th.

    Your monies are gone, my people.

    The money was used to do passmaga right here on social media; and to patch Sweetest Solace.

    If you ever took a Chinmark β€œblank check”; here is to wishing you and your conscience the best of times.

    If you were ever an influencer, you all already know my sentiments on this don’t you? I find you highly culpable.

    People put their moneys down into bottomless pit because of you – influencers and brand β€œambassadors”.

    The painful part and the reason why I largely look away most times, is that you all don’t learn. Tomorrow now, you will all flock into Atutupoyoyo and go and put your money inside there; then come and be expecting me to give myself mini stroke on your behalf when your money gets missing.

    Your money is lost.

    But all hope is not lost.

    YOU the victims, are the ones that can get your money back.

    YOU – no one else can because if you are not filing actions and petitions, no one else can be a sympathizer crying louder than the bereaved in this case.

    It is YOU that the authorities will listen to and act upon your complaints.

    Don’t be deceived otherwise.

    You all know what to do – do it!

    If you had money to put in Chinmark, you have money to hire a good lawyer.

    Keep them busy, that is what they went to law school for.

    Occupy them, no be election tribunal suppose dey keep them busy.

    Do this!

    Make this an example!

    Use Chinmark as an example.

    And when you are all done; reach deep inside you and find that portion of your liver that causes you to be so greedy and covetous; and excise it from yourself.

    Because una matter to dey tire person.

    Tomorrow again, we will be back here writing nonsense epistle on top shokolokobangoshay investment and how much you all put inside it.

    Ndi uru ahia.

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