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Dairy of a Fuckboy by Joro Olumofin.

Dairy of a fuckboy by Joro Olumofin. This Article highlights the Characteristics of a FB, Why ladies fall for FB, How do FB affect...

The Diary and Struggles of a Decent Girl. By @joroolumofin

The Diary and Struggles of a Decent Girl.By @joroolumofin ( Juxtaposition of Cognition I.e I put myself in the mind and shoes of a...

This wedding photo

... Is a sign that true love really exists. Or could it be that the man is extremely wealthy?

8 Things I Hate About Being Married To You

1.You are shouting something from somewhere, only God knows what you’re saying. So I look up from my desk and yell, ‘What did you...

Are you a husband material?

You took the girl you want to marry home to see your parents and she didn't drink the water she was served because the...

The fear of getting married

I am sorry if this makes me sound like a sanctimonious prickI am gamophobic and I have every reason to be. I have had...

Building And Maintaining Relationships

Where do we go from here? How do we move foward and what's next? A friend was talking about how he has stopped trying to...
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