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NYSC Corper Dies In NYSC Kano Camp

An NYSC 2016 Batch B Corps member just died in Kano camp due to negligence by the camp officials. According to reports, camp officials...

Guys make your choice

Which one would you prefer?

Hello November

As we leave October behind and usher in November, let your path in life be filled with great tidings and joyful new beginnings. May...

If this ain’t the cutest selfie yet

This photo of these two kids trying to take a selfie together using a spoon is absolutely adorable.

Who Let The Dogs Out Lyrics

Am I the only one who really did bark 'whoof' while singing this song?

Living at peace

I know we are all very familiar with this story of the widow and her oil in 2 Kings 4:1-7). Here was a woman who...

The first dab

The first dab.

This gala traffic hawker themed pre-wedding photo is cool

People are going to great lengths to impress and outdo each other in a bid to have the coolest and best pre-wedding photo shoot...
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