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    BBNaija Groovy And His Love Triangle

    After the weekend party, Bryann spoke the RARE truth about Groovy’s entanglement with Phina and Chomzy.
    He said, laughing, “It’s not about being indecisive, Groovy is a cunning man.”

    I don’t know about y’all, but that black rascal, Bryann, was on point.
    I least expected him to be so candid about the petty games Groovy has been playing since he got into that house.

    He’s not confused about what he wants with Chomzy, neither is he trying to sort out Phina’s heavy affection towards him.
    As far as attraction goes, men are usually not caught in a web of confusion. They always know whom they want.

    Groovy knows he’s such a catch.
    I believe he’s been told that all his life.
    See, nothing is worse than dealing with a person who knows they’re aesthetically pleasing, and understands the effects they have on people.
    Avoid them o.

    Because you’ll be trying so hard to prevent them from slipping through your fingers, while they’ll be like, “I was on my own, she came to dance with me.”
    “I was on my own she said she likes me.”

    But is it me you want? What are we? Let me know if we’re a thing.
    “Erm, I was on my own and…”
    “I’m kinda confused, I’m tryna figure out stuff, I need to clear my head…”

    In their minds they’re like gold dust.

    And that’s exactly Groovy.
    He’s fully aware of his charm, and loving every bit of the catfight and tension he’s causing amongst some of the female housemates.

    Which is why he’s not exclusive to anybody, yet not resisting their advances.
    In all of this, appearing to be the innocent lamb in the house.

    Groovy is up to no good.
    That nigg@ is as fake as his pink-dyed hair.

    BTV reporting.

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