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    Atiku And His Presidential Desperation – Time To Stop!

    Atiku And His Nonsense Desperation – Time To Stop!

    The leadership of the northern Nigeria, where Atiku belongs has since conceded that power must return to the South.

    By leadership, I mean every traditional ruler of note.

    All the northern governors.

    Virtually all the lawmakers from northern extraction.

    Even the entire Northern APC as a whole.


    One single man, only one man ooh,

    Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar alone,

    Is insisting that power must return to north end be given to him.

    He’s claiming to have the magical powers to wrestle powers from the ruling APC.


    Let’s do little forensic deductions.

    If Atiku could not win when the entire country were unanimous that the north should complete it’s four years,

    Is it now when that dynamics have changed in favor of the South?

    Somebody should tell Atiku to wake up to realities before in ends worst pathetic than he has already made himself seem, politically speaking.

    Atiku has consistently turned himself into some sort of political albatross and hamstrung to any party he finds himself.

    It’s either his way, or nothing works.

    Is this the kind president Atiku wants to become for Nigeria- self-opinionated, wicked me-first mentality?


    Wetin dey happen self?

    When the entire country has virtually agreed on power rotation for peaceful coexistence in a diverse multi cultural country like ours,

    Atiku still dey ginger for war.

    Who you wan intimidate self?

    Even Atiku bread don deflate well well.

    All na old collectings.

    His recent insistence to retrieve properties from his estranged wife, lend ample credence to the fact that Atiku bread could be looking like all these fake Ponzi bread.

    All fake fake!

    Because no man with plenty bread will be hassling properties with a woman.


    Atiku have succeeded in cowing his party PDP, to constitute Committee that’ll still look into already deemed settled issues of zoning.

    Haba Pa Atiku!

    Na only you waka cum?

    Atiku is fast becoming highly volatile and dangerously destructive.

    Who gave you the audaciousness?

    Dey swear for you that if you don’t become president, Nigeria will scatter?

    Must Atiku be president to contribute meaningful to the development of the country?

    Where does Atiku derive this chutzpah, hutzpah, and his effrontery from?

    What really inspires Atiku in this reckless inordinate brashness, brassiness, and brazenness of steady threats to Nigerians?

    Why always this crude presumptuousness, sauciness, with confusion temerity always found in Atiku?

    In cultism language;

    Wetin you chop self?

    Wetin dey give you lever?

    Atiku should ressss Abegi!

    This Atiku desperate is too much.

    Even his PDP people are so scared of the old man, Aswear!

    He wants to destroy the only opposition in the land, so that the country will be plunged into deeper trouble.

    Atiku desperation has kept PDP so busy and distracted that they hardly speak on any of the national crisis plaguing the country.

    Now na only rested issues like zoning dey disturb PDP, all because of Atiku’s unbridled and reckless quest to power.

    Atiku is a disaster and his unhinged desperation is the only singular danger to Nigeria corporate political existence right now.

    By Azubuike Ihemeje

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