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    Angelique Kidjo Deserves Her Grammy Award

    I read the disrespectful comments towards Angelique Kidjo in bits and left the rest.
    Just for the sake of my sanity.
    The brazen manner at which Nigerians insulted her after her Grammy win over Wizkid wasn’t my thing.
    They were well within their rights as fans to cry foul.

    But it was the mass celebration of ignorance.
    Ignorant questions like “who is Angelique Kidjo?” “Who still listens to this woman’s songs?”

    Let me educate some of you ahead of her predictable win next year, if she so chooses to submit another album for Grammy consideration.

    I’m not sure Angelique makes her music with the average Nigerian in mind.
    Her target audience is not you, who prefers gbangbantitiko songs.
    That’s why she sings in a slew of languages (and speaks about 10 of them fluently) and keeps experimenting with traditional sounds from all corners of the earth. That’s why she’s the face of GLOBAL MUSIC.
    Talk to me when your fave is able to curate an album as diverse as Kidjo’s.

    Such a goddess may not get played on your local radio and TV stations because like I said, her songs weren’t made for you.
    You are a nonfactor in Angelique’s world.
    You find her if you care.

    Secondly, this woman that some of you recently dedicated your time and energy to trash has been a music royalty before you ra.ts were conceived.

    Not a lot of mainstream artists (I mean international artists this time) can boast of invitations to give special performances at world-class events.

    From the Nobel Prize, to the UN/UNICEF/UNESCO concerts, World festivals, FIFA World Cups, the Olympics, Oprah, events hosted by World Leaders – Angelique has done it all and counting. Most of them she did as far back as the 90s and early 2000s.

    For an artist who’s not known to clamour for attention, with no major buzz yet pushing strong, and seems comfortable dressing like your regular Iya Abiodun selling at Balogun market Lagos Island; have you for a second wondered why she’s still sought after where it matters?
    Ever wondered why she’s a Grammy magnet?

    Sadly, Wizkid lost. Take it in stride as he and other Nigerian nominees under the Global Music Album category appear to have done.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    Who knows, Angelique might decide to go on a long break.

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