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    3 Proven Ways To Grow Eyelashes Fast

    Do you wish for a long and thick lashes and want to Know how to grow them fast? Anyways who doesn’t want to have those beautiful and attractive eyes with full lashes.
    Long and full lashes help shape the face and though they are natural, they are still glam especially when emphasized with mascara.
    A lot of ladies however are not Blessed with full lashes making artificial lashes the ever dependable option but for those who desire full and long lashes, these 3 easy ways work naturally, stimulate the hair and make them grow and shine.

    1. Shea Butter

    Shea Butter contains vitamin A and vitamin E which strengthens your eyelashes by nourishing the hair follicle and enhances their growth.
    Method Of Application
    Apply Shea Butter on your finger tips and then massage it gently on to the eyelashes. Do this procedure daily before going to bed. Rinse off your eyes in the morning. Your lashes will grow stronger and thicker.

    2. Egg White

    Egg white helps to grow and strengthen the lashes by stimulating the hair follicle which keeps them from pulling out.
    Method Of Application
    Take out the yolk from an egg and mix the egg white. Apply Egg white on clean lashes with lash brush preferably. Leave the egg white on the lashes overnight. Wash the face when taking a bath.

    3. Petroleum Jelly

    Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is a common way to grow and strengthen the lashes. It serves as a conditioner and locks in moisture making the lashes stronger and Fuller in few days/weeks.
    Method Of Application
    Rub Vaseline on clean lashes with cotton bud or lash/mascara brush. Leave it preferably overnight to moisture the lashes intensely. Wash off when taking bath the next day.

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