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    2023 Elections And Peter Obi

    If Tinubu becomes president, Tinubu is in power.

    If Osibanjo becomes president, Tinubu is still in power.

    You see that loyalty; it is not going anywhere.

    We all know as the go dey go in the west.

    That loyalty is long, daunting, and continuously compelling and best believe that he will not step out of line for your sake.

    The kind of loyalty that has kept him subservient to the ones who rob this country on a daily with mouth, hands, and feet.

    The kind of loyalty that would cause a man brilliant, progressive, and upright as Osibanjo to embrace the role of a stooge to an incompetent superior for 8 whole years.

    The loyalty that made him succumb to being shut out of meeting rooms he was qualified to be in where matters of state were tabled and decisions taken.

    The loyalty that caused him to turn a blind eye to all of the atrocious incidents and collosal failures of this government that we have had to endure and are still enduring.

    The Audacity & Insensitivity to look Nigns in the face and tell them that he is committed to continuing the horror that his principal unleashed on us this past 8yrs.

    That β€œYes Man” disposition is not going anywhere.

    If Atiku becomes president, Buhari is back in power.

    We all know who ran this country the past 8 years.

    The North and its cabal.

    Atiku will not reinvent the will.

    He will do as his predecessors have done.

    Because the powers that be in the north remain the powers in force.

    So, if you are voting or promoting any of these options, you are doing nothing special, nothing fantastic, to be honest.

    We have seen it all before, so I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation of positive change because you really aren’t voting anything new, to be honest.

    Buhari might as well continue for another 8 years, and it would not make any difference.

    The only man breathing a different kind of air is Peter Obi.

    This man once took up the mantle of governance, defied all odds, and did it differently from his predecessors.

    He dropped that mantle, and they continued from where they stopped before he came on the scene, like he was never there.

    Which goes to show that what he did was unusual, and there aren’t many leaders like him.

    Currently, he is the only one in whom we can nurse more than a flicker of hope.

    If we want to see it done differently, he is the only one who possesses the capacity and track record of change.

    But truth be told, the odds are stacked awfully against him.

    And that is the real tragic story of Nigeria today.

    The problem we will forever have in electing governance in this country is politics.

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